All About Me

My name is Gemma and I am wife to my awesome husband Chris and Mummy to our daughter Erin and our socially awkward cat P-cat (her official name is Petal but that would imply she is friendly, soft and delicate which she is not! P-cat is more of a representation of her street thug aloofness).

Until recently I was working full time helping university students get out of the inevitable predicaments they get themselves into, from the ridiculous to the downright dangerous however I am currently on Maternity leave and slowly going insane!

Erin was born in September 2016 and after a ton of self-doubt and judgment I have now come to terms with the fact that my greatest achievement is that I have managed to keep my little bundle of joy/wind/poop alive and I am to some degree still functioning.

In my BE (before Erin) days I was fit, healthy, active, creative, and able to multitask with amazing ability. Now I have seen far too much of my living room, enjoy watching my baby painfully try and get her dummy back in her mouth on the video monitor far more than I should, ache constantly because I have not yet mastered taking care of both myself and a baby and therefore the last time I was hydrated was sometime at the end of last summer, and have driven myself and a few people around me crazy with a decent bout of Postnatal Depression! Erin is ace though.

So, after pulling myself out of the darkest days I thought I would use the approximate 90minutes of time I get to myself a day to start blogging, mainly because writing the stuff down that I would otherwise just talk to myself about seems a little less crazy! 🙂

Life at Floor Level is my overly honest account of learning to be a mummy and the bumps I have hit along the way.