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January 2017

Answers at last!

Well, it’s been a busy old week so far, we’ve been swimming, twice, massage, playgroup, appointments, seen grandparents, seen friends, the lot…I’m exhausted! I’ve gone from hating the sight of my living room to craving a day of doing nothing but sitting on the sofa […]

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Little Voice!

OMG…She pooped in the pool!! Only Joking, we managed swimming with no incidents thank god. Erin absolutely loved it and so did I, we had great fun although it made me realise that I seriously need to learn my nursery rhymes after having to mime […]

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New Year…New(ish) Me!

So, Christmas is done and dusted and we are into the new year already! I really enjoyed this Christmas although Erin chose Christmas week to go through an ‘I hate everyone’ phase and so while all her loving family were eager to give her Christmas […]

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